A QR Code scanner for events and sessions. Users can track sessions and timestamp scans.

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What format do QR Codes need to be in?

When creating QR Codes, the following settings will be scanned and imported into SqanMe:
[Last Name, First Name, Title, Campus, Email]

Once scanned, items will be added to table for easy reading with a TimeStamp.


Session Details

How do I save a session?

In order to save a session for later use, Event Title, Session Title, and Presenter are required. After these are entered, the Save Button will enable and the details can be saved. If an error was made and changes have to be made, click on the Search Button, delete the session, return to the Details view and click "Save".



How do I activate the camera for scanning?

In order to activate the camera, Event Title, Session Title, and Presenter Name are required. If you saved settings previously, you can select from the saved sessions by clicking on the Search Button.


CSV Session Data Import

How do I import sessions?

Session data should be in the form of CSV. The Headers should be included and should be in the following order:
[Event, Session, Presenter, Building, Room, Presenter Email]
To import the file, email the file to your device, click on the file, and choose SqanMe as the Target Location.